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We've only got forever, and forever is fine.

She was packed, suitcase ready, tickets on hand, deep breath. She smiled, though she didn’t want to. She didn’t like this situation at all.

She left for the airport, meeting all her friends there. They all hugged, they all spoke, and they all said their goodbyes. But one person was missing, 10 more minutes ‘til boarding.

The announcer spoke, and there she goes. A frown crept upon her beautiful face.

I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.

Hours later, she arrived at her destination. This was going to be home now, well at least for a couple of months. (More or less 6)

She walked happily, but one thing made her freeze and stop on her steps. And her heart skipped a beat.


“Did you really think I was going to let you leave me just like that, Meisa?”

She smiled, he was always like this. So full of surprises. He smiled.

She ran up to him and hugged him like there was no tomorrow, as he held onto her small frame.

She didn’t say good-bye to him, because that was never going to happen. Good bye was a word that they weren’t fit to speak to each other.

Because no matter what happened, they would always be together, in every single way.
24 June 2010 @ 05:20 pm
Sometimes you get more than you ask.

“Please Becky? Please? Just one.”

Tego begged at his co-star. He was asking Becky for something, but she kept refusing.

“No, Tegoshi-kun. Like I said, I don’t want to.”

“But I reaaaaaaaaaally want to. Please?”


Becky turned around to see the pouting Tegoshi who was usually very big-headed on set.

“Fine. And it was my favorite too...”

And Becky got confused.

“Favorite? What?”

“I was asking for chocolates. The one that you were eating a while ago.”

“Oh. You were asking for chocolates...”

“Why? What did you think I was asking for?”

Tego asked with a raised eyebrow and a sly smile. Becky smiled and gave him a 5 second kiss on the lips.

“I thought you were asking for that.”

She winked and walked away, leaving a very stunned Tego behind.

Next time he sees Becky, he’s definitely not asking for candy anymore.
I've never met anyone who makes my heart beat 10 times faster, until now.

He met her on the set of the drama him, Jin and Yoko was in. She was supposed to play the pretty girl, and damn, was the role so fitted for her. He watches her from afar, trying his best to memorize her figure.

Her curvy hips, her wavy brown tresses, model-like long legs, gentle hands, those luscious pink lips and the soft but sly smile that goes with it.

It just occurred to him that she’s beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl he ever saw.

“Hi. My name is Suzuki Emi. You can call me Emi though.”

She smiled warmly at the blonde-haired tall boy.

“Junno. Nice to meet you. Let’s work hard together.”

He smiled back with his winning smile.

“Hey, you know what. I’m a pretty boy and you’re a pretty girl. I think we should really go out.”

He winked and she laughed. She approached him and stopped when her face was only inches away from his.

“I’d love to. But I’m still prettier though.”

And he couldn’t agree more.
Beautiful girls, all over the world. I could be chasing but my time would be wasted.

She’s so...perfect.

Good grades, good looks, good personality, amazing talents. I mean, it’s like she’s this girl who’s so delicate and fragile and is in need of good care, or else she'll crumble.

And she’s all his.

She checks attendance in class while he sits in his seat watching her be herself. The busy, stressed, hot girl that she is. It’s times like these that he thinks he has everything, because he has her. He needs her. He would be a complete mess without her. It just wouldn’t be right.

He took one last look at her then he thinks.

Yamada, you are one lucky idiot.
15 June 2010 @ 09:47 am
Where the end begins.


They fight all the time, and she's always the first to leave. Erika dislikes living on the edge of a precipice - she must pull back, or jump. These days, more often than not, she pulls back, scared of what she might lose, holding on with all her heart. Some days, she thinks, that she'll pull back so far and let go entirely; she's not far from it, she thinks. If this... thing with him was tangible, she'd liken it to wispy mist at the moment.

She thinks maybe she's already lost him. She thinks maybe he's already lost her.

Because even as she steps away from the irresistible edge, Ryo retreats into his impenetrable shell, frowning and sulking, arms crossed over his chest as he sits on the couch, eyes dark. She knows her voice cannot reach him now, but if she touches him she might get a little of him to come back, please Ryo, I won't hurt you anymore, I'm here, I love you. But she doesn't. The further he retreats into himself, the further she steps away, repelled by his silence, hurt by his stony expression. He isn't listening to her. It's the hedgehog's dillemma - she, too, has spikes.

So she thinks maybe all they do is hurt each other. And she thinks maybe it's best if she leaves. She'll give him space, but more than that, because Erika never gives anything halfway - a universe, a galaxy, a black hole to drown his sorrows in. She will give him these things because she thinks she is strong, chin in the air, held high. Her father taught her never to bow down to any man. Her mother never did, and that was why he loved her.

She's thankful for the work. It distracts her, makes her think there are other things in the world, and she does not have to cater to his (childish, impossible) whims. She feels better doing something with her hands. But when she comes home and he isn't there, she still feels rather empty inside, her heart beating out a hollow sound.
15 June 2010 @ 09:41 am
We'll make our own time.

It was a normal day in for them.

The one sneaked in between rushes of both their schedules, a secret time for both of them to relax, to be human, and to have a relationship of sorts.

Sometimes it escalated to passion, expressed with lithe sensual movements of limbs and lips gliding across skin lighting a fire that calmed rather than agitated like one lit to warm cold camps at night.

But mostly they’d sit and talk or play games or cook and just be lazy. Being lazy was one luxury they both craved and being lazy together made it just all the more wonderful.
When they both had a free day all they do is play games

It has been around 2 weeks since we last seen each other and now that we had a chance be together all you want to do is play this new game? Yamapi thought as he sets up the video game console in his living room.

Keiko just arrived around 10 minutes ago, bringing a large pepperoni pizza and her new game, and is now preparing the food in the kitchen while he sets up. She said she was busy with a magazine shoot today so it was a surprise to him when she showed up at his door step. Her shoot was apparently re-scheduled and she now has a free day like him, which she wants to spend playing a game! Well at least she wants to play with him right?

“Do you have it working?” Keiko said as she walked into the living room carrying their snack.

“Just have to plug it... There!” Yamapi replied, then he proceeded to turn on the console and place in the game that Keiko brought.

“Gerken of Honor huh?” he laughably questioned as the loading sequence started “Where do you get these games?”

“A friend of mine from LA sends me some once and I while to mix it up.” she replied totally focused at the TV screen. “Isn't this exciting?” she then cheerfully added.

Yamapi just shook his head at Keiko's silliness and started to focus on the story of the game. She is always like this when she has a new game so this is nothing new to him.

Two hours of gaming, a box of pizza and a six pack of soda after...

“You cheat!” Keiko exclaimed while hitting Yamapi with a pillow. “You have played this game before!”

“Uh, no.” the singer laughed as he tried to avoid another pillow hit. “As far as I know you are the only one in whole of Japan who has Gerken of Honor. It's just that, it's so like Metal of Honor.”

His girlfriend didn't stop hitting him, “So why did you played dumb when we started, having me to explain everything to you?”

“Cause,” Yamapi finally stopped the pillow attack by prying the pillow from Keiko's hands, “you look so cute acting like a computer geek explaining things especially in those glasses.” and ended his explanation by a stealing a peck from Keiko's pouting lips.

“Hump!” she dramatically faced away from him crossing her arms for more effect.

Yamapi just smirked as her antics. He knows she was just acting out so he did what he knows will make her look at him again.

“Babe, don't be mad.” he pleaded cutely and he hugged Keiko from behind. “If you want we can play again.”

She didn't seem to budge, so he added “Promise, I'll let you win this time.”

And as if the magic world was said Keiko turned to face Yamapi with a big smile and this time is the one to gave him a peck on the lips. “Like you need to let me win.” she said cockily while pressing the restart button in the game.

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One day at a time, I just can't seem to get you off my mind.

Jun was always so predictable, as Yukie did state.

Whenever he had this plan to “surprise” her, it would never work, because, well...she just knew.

She knew that every time his work was done, he’d call her up and talk to her and make her tell him about her day, and then he’d tell his. He’d ask her to rest since she’d had a pretty tough one, since Nakama Yukie was always busy.

After that, she’d refuse and then he’d ask her to go out to eat, and sometimes she’d say yes. He’d pick her up from work and they would have dinner at some random restaurant that they hadn’t eaten in before (because they refuse to not try new tastes).

Finally, he takes her home in his car, and after arriving in his apartment, he calls her up again and says goodnight, then doesn’t sleep until she does first.

It was always like this. It’s kind of like their daily routine. If they wouldn’t do it, they just wouldn’t be...

Jun and Yukie.

But this day was different for Jun. Very different.

Yukie. Meet me at 7:00 at the seaside restaurant we saw the other day. The one that we wanted to eat in? Remember? :)

This time, I’ll surprise you for sure. ;)
--> Matsujun

Message sent.

I’ll see you there then. :)
--> Yukie

This was the day he was gonna surprise her.

The day he was going to tell her those 3 words, hoping she’d feel the same.
Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.

She sat on the swing and stared up the starry night sky. Then an airplane flew by, and she remembered a certain someone and smiled to herself. She clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and made a wish.

“What are you doing?”

He was there, looking at her rather childish action as he approached her.

“Nothing. Just wishing.”

“On a star?”

She laughed, and he smiled. He always loved her laugh.

“No, an airplane.”

“An airplane?”

He was confused, but looked up at the sky as well. And another airplane flew by. Mimicking her actions, he clasped his hands, closed his eyes and made a wish. She looked at him as he opened his eyes and went back to reality.

“What did you wish for, Ryo?”

“If I told you, then it won’t come true. I wouldn’t want that.”

He smirked, and she playfully punched him on the shoulder as they sat beside each other on the swings.

A distant airplane, somewhere, carried his wish that he hoped would come true.

I wish that we’d forever stay this way, Aya. I love you...
So baby keep my heart beating, she's the soul reason I keep believing.

She woke up, looking for the person who was supposed to be beside her. Then she read something on the side table.

Apparently, a pink post-it note was attached to the lamp.

Hey, beautiful. Good morning. Gone ahead. Early morning work. :)

She got up and walked across the room to get to the bathroom. Stuck on the medicine cabinet mirror was another note.

Smile today, okay? Your smile is beautiful. :)

She then went into the kitchen and saw a beautifully made breakfast ready for her.

Eat a lot, so you’ll stay healthy. I cooked for you. Hope you like it. :)

She laughed. Kame was really something. He was just so...sweet. A little later, the apartment door opened.

“Where’s my—Oh, hey. You’re up.”

She stood up, handed him his cellphone (because she obviously knew what he was looking for) and kissed him on the lips.

“Have a great day.”

She smiled and so did he. Then, he walked out of the room, giving her one last peck on the lips.

As soon as he was gone, she reached for something stuck on her back.

I love you, Ayamasa. :)

And she fell in love with him even more.