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Het a Day

Daily pairings, daily lines, daily heartbeats and heartbreaks

Het A Day
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Boy Meets Girl
Welcome to het_a_day, your daily dose of het drabbles. Ever had an idea or a line that got stuck in your head but didn't know where to put it? Or maybe you've always wanted to write a story about a specific pairing, but was afraid that you'd get judged on who you ship? Well, not here. Here, you're free to write all the drabbles and one-shots of any pairings that you want. Just start typing, start writing, and start imagining.

Girl Meets Boy
1. Het pairings only. Oh, of course, since this is dedicated to het pairings of Johnny's Entertainment, you're pairing must involve a JE pretty boy. :)
2. Drabbles or one-shots only. Chaptered stories are pretty hard to keep track of, so drabbles and one-shots are the only ones accepted. And, as stated, this community is dedicated to your ideas created in a hurry, out of boredom, or just because. :)
3. Have fun. :D :) And no bashing, okay? :D

1. To submit a drabble, pleast post a comment here with your story. :)
2. Please submit with this format:
Would you want to be recognized as the author: Y/N